Rachelle Dytko, Escrow Assistant

Rachelle Dytko is the bright and smiling face that greets customers as they enter our office. She provides outstanding customer service to all clients day in and day out.  Raised in a family focused on real estate, Rachelle has been immersed in real estate transactions since as long as she can remember. Rachelle developed her customer service and attention to … Read More

Real Estate Agent FAQ

FAQ Seller and Buyer have decided to pay for closing costs 50/50. How do I put this on the TREC Form? Don’t forget that agents are prohibited from practicing law or from going beyond the promulgated forms.  See Texas administrative code title 22 part 23 chapter 537 rule 537.11.  This prohibition can make a simple agreement a daunting task if … Read More

Real Estate Agent Links

Here are some useful links for realtors: TREC Forms TREC Rules for Licensed Real Esate Agents Texas Landlord Tenant Statutes  

Real Estate Agent Resources

Resources for Agents Realtors can check out our Seller Net Sheet for preparing and printing (or saving to PDF) of Seller Net Sheets. Need to check out a title premium quick? Use our Premium Calculator! See below for more resources:

What Is Title Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

What is title insurance? Title insurance is insurance for ownership. It is literally an insurance policy that insures you against any claims against real estate. Unlike normal insurance, however, you only pay the premium for insurance one time with title insurance. This insurance never expires and protects your ownership forever from claims from before you purchased the property? Do I … Read More

Michael Adams, Branch Manager

Michael Adams was raised in Athens, Texas. Title services runs in the family, and Michael was involved in the title business almost as soon as he was old enough to work. Michael is a rare combination of efficiency and excellence in the field of title insurance. His career began working in title plants over 16 years ago and quickly developed … Read More

Taylor P. Willingham, Attorney

Taylor Willingham was born in Brazosport, Texas. He grew up in a era of limited computer use, simple games, and home phone without voice messaging systems. Due to the lack of technology, he was able to experience life more fully. Mr. Willingham is an Eagle Scout, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and former athlete. He had a wonderful … Read More

Charles B. Malolo, Attorney

Charles was born and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho. His younger years were spent running the countryside and fighting off the cold winters for a neighborhood game of football. Charles had a passion for music at an early age taught himself to play piano and carried that passion through college at Utah State University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in … Read More