Buyers and Sellers

Buyers: Get What You Paid For

When you’ve waded the waters of shopping for a home, the last thing you want is to find out you don’t actually own the home because of some tax lien or some heir that you didn’t know about, your seller didn’t know about, and the records didn’t know about. Title insurance ensures that before you spend your money, you will in fact own the property outright. If by chance something goes wrong, then you are insured by the company. If you are using a loan to pay for the property, any lender will require it. If you are paying in cash, why would you want less protection than a lender?

Sellers: Get Paid

In addition to providing title insurance to resolve any worries a buyer might have about whether you own the property, we handle the escrow of your transaction. That means we get you paid. We hold all the funds until the deal is ready to close and then make sure all the parties get paid properly. Using a title company for this process relieves a ton of headaches for sellers, while simultaneously easing any worries a buyer may have.